About us

UPDATE September 2020.  Following the pandemic, Corvallis Right of Way has ended as an organization.  The final board members listed on this page are willing to assist anyone who is interested in this type of advocacy.

Mission Statement: Vulnerable road users (VRUs) can follow all laws and best practices, yet still encounter daily hazards.  We strive to eliminate those hazards through education about safety and the rights of all VRU forms of transportation.  By fostering safer conditions, Corvallis Right Of Way will serve all VRUs and encourage new ones.

Other organization assets:
– our Facebook page
– our Google group discussion forum

Board Members:

Wendy ByrnePresident – Wendy Byrne
A bicycle mechanic trained at the United Bicycle Institute as well as a licensed physical therapist, Wendy has been commuting and recreating by bike in and around Corvallis for nearly 20 years. Making the roads more safe for cycling will make the roads more safe for ALL users, and Wendy is passionate about this mission.


Rachel Schwindt profileSecretary – Rachel Schwindt
Rachel is a longtime Corvallis pedestrian and cycling commuter. Growing up in NW Washington taught her that the best way to beat the rain when commuting is gore-tex, boots, and an umbrella when walking. She advocates for a transportation culture that promotes safety and respect for all road users and appreciates infrastructure design that lowers traffic speed.

bioBoard member – Vivek Jeevan
Vivek is interested in the ways healthy transportation can help ourselves, our communities, and the world.  Vulnerable road users have great rights that he’d like everyone to know.  Vivek’s primary job is in safety compliance, so he knows what it takes to build a culture of safety.


nancyBoard member – Dr. Nancy Baumeister
“I have been riding a bike since I was a young tyke. Bikes are freedom of movement for the rider and less congestion and noise and pollution on the roads. Bikes are health for the rider and for the planet. I am sad that so many people fear biking. Corvallis Right of Way is working to change that.”