Report traffic violations/problems

Corvallis Public Works at 541-766-6916.  Call to report
– obstructions (other than vehicles) in bike lanes, sidewalks, or crosswalks
a traffic signal sensor that isn’t detecting bikes.

Corvallis Parking Enforcement at 541-766-6924.  Call to report vehicles parked in a:
– bike lane
– sidewalk
– crosswalk
– within 20 feet of a crosswalk
at an intersection



CROW is excited to announce our collaboration with OurStreets in supporting the use of their mobile application of the same name. The app, which is available for iPhone and Android, will allow users to report traffic safety violations and dangerous behaviors. The crowdsourced information on things like distracted driving, excessive speeding, and the blocking of bike lanes and crosswalks, will help identify, record, and aggregate information about unsafe conditions that can be used by local governments, transportation planners, and advocacy organizations.

Users of the app can tap on one of a number of available violations to report. They also have the option to take a photo of the violation, if possible, confirm the location, and submit the violation. Over time, these reports help paint a picture of where and when pedestrians, bikes, scooters, buses, and cars are most likely to come into conflict.

Individual riders and walkers know best where the unsafe intersections and pathways in their neighborhood are located. Through crowdsourcing, we can pinpoint places where the greatest safety gains can be made and work with county officials and community leaders to address these issues.

Please download the app and start reporting violations today.