How can I make a difference or donate?

You can make a BIG difference.
The first step is to learn the concepts on this website and apply them to your own transportation.  Be a shining example, and share the knowledge with others.

Volunteers are greatly needed.
– Writing skills.  Are you good at crafting emails, Letters to the Editors, or other persuasive material?
– Artistic ability.  Can you convey safety concepts through art?
– Strong communication skills.  Are you persuasive, well-spoken, or a good teacher?
– Graphical skills.  Can you create professional looking flyers, charts, or graphics?
– Fundraising
– Advertising/Marketing
– Other small, quick tasks.  If you can devote even 1 hour per month, we’ll make the most of your time.

Contact us directly to donate:
We take a data-driven approach to safety and rights education, focusing on the top causes of collisions and fatalities, and utilizing the most effective techniques to create change.  We have dreams of doing much more!

Your contribution helps the message be conveyed in every possibly format.  Would you like more safety advertisements in movie theaters, newspapers, and billboards?  Would you like a to see more of us at community events?

Please contribute what you can to help ensure the message gets out there often enough to make a difference.  If you dream of specific educational programs, we’ll help make it happen.